Us Against the World, Complete Thought

This is an example of a full report that will be done at the end of each research endeavor. There will be infographics, there will be interviews, there will be references and quoting of other articles and books. Very in depth.


It’s just Us against the World

As Generation Y quickly finds themselves integrating into adulthood, entering higher education or becoming young professionals, it’s becoming glaringly obvious how much the world seems to not want to give them the chance to succeed. There is constant criticism and stereotypes placed upon them by their parent generation that seems biased, unfounded, and almost entirely unfair.

It isn’t just our writers that have noticed this. There have been articles addressing the exact same issue published on many platforms such as The Huffington Post, New Republic, and the Guardian.

Although there has already been so much talk about the issue, we wanted to have our own crack at it.

Generational criticism and friction is nothing new, but why does this feel so much harsher?

We’re calling this project “Us Against the World.”

If you’re interested in reading the other articles mentioned above:

  1. “Tell Me More About How Much You Hate Millennials, You Old Fart” —The Huffington Post 
  2. “Millennial Voters Ask: Why So Much Hate?” —New Republic
  3. “Why are the baby boomers desperate to make millennials hate ourselves?” — The Guardian